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From nightcrawlers to ghouls. From the terrifying to the supernatural. From the echoes of the abyss, to the things that creep through the woods. Narrativ explores the nocturnal creatures that stalk the darkness of the world, the heart and the mind.

From the broken heart to the joyous. From the melancholic to the mad. From the throes of emotional turmoil to the calm of the stoic mind. Narrativ ventures through the full gamut of the human experience.

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The Gothic. The Speculative. Not all horror comes from without. And not all things of horror bare their teeth and sharpen their claws. The weird also lurk in the cavernous halls of our minds. Our hearts. Our souls. And it is in the vacuous chambers of sprawling monuments that these human revenants linger.

The Fantastical. Beyond the veil of all fiction, there is the fantastical. The epic journeys of heroes and foes. The forgotten quests. The banished legends. The unbridled conflict between sorcery and might. From the sylvan to the apocalyptic, there is much to be written of the fantastical.

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